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Lipoma, a growth of fat tissue under human skin
Lipoma, a growth of fat tissue under human skin

This is usually a benign (non-cancerous) tumor just below the skin. It is usually slow-growing and harmless. However, occasionally it can cause pain if near an active muscle or joint. It is a slow-growing fatty lump that is located just above the muscle and below the skin and is easily moveable.

Skin tag or acrochordon or soft fibroma or mole in male armpit, macro photo. Papilloma virus or bump, dermatology problem on skin concept

Skin Tag

$150 initial consultation fee and treatment up to the first 10 tags, then $10/each after.

This is a noncancerous growth with a similar color as the surrounding skin. It usually looks like a tissue extending out with a tiny stem base. The sizes vary from 1-5mm to a few centimeters.

Sebaceous Cyst

$200 initial consultation fee and first cyst removal, and $100 each additional depending on size and location. Scalp Cysts (pillar cyst) only 3 per visit.

Sebaceous cyst or trichilemmal cyst
Doctor Diagnosis of the Sebaceous on Woman's Back

Soft slow growing bumps under the skin, the various locations of cyst formation are on the scalp, face, ears, body trunk, back, and groin area, sometimes called boils or epidermal inclusion cysts. Occasionally they can become infected and require antibiotics. It is better to have them removed with the entire cyst capsule before it ruptures or becomes infected. These differ from lipoma in that the cyst is fixed and not moveable when touched. It can take years to develop.

Lipoma, a growth of fat tissue under human skin


$200 initial charge up to 2 moles, additional charge $50-$100 each depending on size and location.

A mole (nevi) is the most common type of skin growth. The size and color vary and often appear in clusters of pigment-forming cells (melanocytes). It is not uncommon to see them appear in all ages. Over the years, moles can change in appearance. They can also be mistaken as cancerous because many cancerous lesions have similar characteristics.

wart on finger hand


$600 includes initial visit and 3 follow up treatments, up to 3 warts at a time.

Warts are a type of viral skin infection called Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The appearance of this lesion is usually a course, skin colored firm bump on the skin. Occasionally there will be a cluster of them in one area. They are located on all surfaces of the body including palms of hands, soles of feet, and groin. This is easily transferable just from touching someone who has them. It is important to get these treated as soon as you notice one. The treatment is usually through cryotherapy (freezing) with liquid nitrogen. Wart removal needs several treatments to fully resolve the problem.


EmSculpt Neo

30 min|Varies

FDA cleared, non-invasive body sculpting device that builds muscle and burns fat, at least four treatments spaced one week apart.

Areas targeted are displayed below:


BLT Cellutone

30 min|Varies on area

Cellutone FDA cleared is a technological device that provides high-frequency pulsed shockwaves via a painless mechanical vibrating head into a targeted area of the body to reduce the appearance of stretch marks or cellulite.


A cosmetic neuromodulator treatment to help relax muscles and soften skin to ease the appearance of wrinkles.

PDO Threading

1hr | Varies per area

Non-surgical body lifts; not just for the face any more

PDO is a revolutionary advancement in cosmetic surgery. Though the results area not permanent like invasive surgery, neither are the risks. PDO threads the area with a Polydioxanone thread make up to enable the client to experience a subtle lift and stimulate collagen productions. Usually last six to eight weeks and can be repeated. PDO is a fantastic alternative to any filler. With amazing results in the lips.
There are three types of threads that are used depending on the body part.

  • Barbed thread for a more refined lift
  • Twist to add subtle lift and volume
  • Smooth to add subtle lift in volume in smaller areas

When combined with neuromodulators (botox/dysport) this can have an immediate and pleasing result.

This is not just for the face. Many areas of the body can be lifted with PDO threads. These areas include:

  • Breast
  • Arms
  • Chest (men)
  • Abs
  • Butt
  • Legs
  • Area around the knees

Three treatments, six weeks apart will have positive effects on one’s quality of life and personal relationships.

This laser is innovated for the prevention and care of vaginal health. This is a factional CO2 laser design for the vaginal mucosa. The treatment with this laser helps to prevent and resolve estrogen drops in vaginal tissue. The laser does this by re-activating the production of new collagen and helping to provide healthy conditions that balance the vaginal pH. MonaLisa Touch® is the most effective non-surgical and non-pharmacological solution preventing and treating vaginal atrophy.


The ablative process of the laser it stimulates the process of new collagen formation and restructuring the components of the vagina. The vaginal mucosa becomes more nourished and hydrated, and the epithelium becomes thicker and more toned resulting in some vaginal tightening, improved elastic quality, and reestablishing the correct pH. Reestablishing the correct pH will allow for a natural protective barrier and will reduce risk of infection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Over time or as a result of lack of estrogen weather natural or induced, many women experience the vaginal changes despite their active lifestyle and youthful energy. These changes of post-menopausal effects can affect a woman's quality of life and relationships, in unexpected ways. Now, there is a gentle laser therapy that can help millions of women who are silently suffering.

The MonaLisa Touch is a gentle laser therapy that delivers controlled energy to the vaginal wall tissue. It restores vaginal health by generating new collagen, elastin and vascularization. The MonaLisa Touch was first available outside the US where thousands of patients have been treated worldwide.

The MonaLisa® Touch uses gentle laser energy that is delivered via a side-firing probe inserted into the vaginal canal. A two-part pulse targets surface (epithelial) tissue and deep (lamina propria) tissue to promote vaginal mucosal revitalization.

A multisite study was conducted by Dr. Mickey Karram, Director of Fellowship Program on Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery at The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, OH and Dr. Eric Sokol, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Stanford University Medical Center.

The trial assessed the use of CO2 fractional laser therapy on 30 women with vaginal health issues due to natural or induced menopause. All of the patients in the trial were treated with the MonaLisa® Touch laser therapy. Results were:

  • Overwhelmingly positive and immediate results
  • Highly statistically significant improvement in symptoms after first treatment
  • Escalation of progress with each subsequent treatment

*Women in the study either experienced natural menopause or induced menopause as the result of hysterectomy or drug-induced suppression of ovarian function (chemotherapy, radiations, and anticancer drugs such as Tamoxifen).

A study was done by Dr. Stefano Salvatore*, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vita- Salute San Raffaele University to assess the feasibility of fractional C02 laser in the treatment of 50 women suffering changes in their gynecologic health.

  • 42 patients (84%) showed significant improvement in their physical and mental quality of life scores over baseline and were satisfied with the treatment.

In addition to the multisite study, there are many more published studies.

Quick, Allison M., et al. “Long-Term Follow-up of Fractional CO2 Laser Therapy for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause in Breast Cancer Survivors.” Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol. 11, no. 3, 2022, p. 774., 


(1) Background: The objective of this study was to determine the long-term efficacy of fractional CO2 laser therapy in breast cancer survivors. (2) Methods: This was a single-arm study of breast cancer survivors. Participants received three treatments of fractional CO2 laser therapy and returned for a 4 week follow-up. Participants were contacted for follow-up at annual intervals. The Vaginal Assessment Scale (VAS), the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), the Female Sexual Distress Scare Revised (FSDS-R), the Urinary Distress Inventory (UDI), and adverse events were collected and reported for the two-year follow-up. The changes in scores were compared between the four-week and two-year and the one-year and two-year follow-ups using paired t-tests. (3) Results: In total, 67 BC survivors were enrolled, 59 completed treatments and the four week follow-up, 39 participated in the one-year follow-up, and 33 participated in the two-year follow-up. After initial improvement in the VAS from baseline to the four week follow-up, there was no statistically significant difference in the VAS score (mean Δ 0.23; 95% CI [−0.05, 0.51], p = 0.150) between the four week follow-up and the two-year follow-up. At the two-year follow-up, the FSFI and FSDS-R scores remained improved from baseline and there was no statistically significant change in the FSFI score (mean Δ −0.83; 95% CI [−3.07, 2.38] p = 0.794) or the FSDS-R score (mean Δ −2.85; 95% CI [−1.88, 7.59] p = 0.227) from the one to two-year follow-up. The UDI scores approached baseline at the two-year follow-up; however, the change between the one- and two-year follow-ups was not statistically significant (mean Δ 4.76; 95% CI [−1.89, 11.41], p = 0.15). (4) Conclusions: Breast cancer survivors treated with fractional CO2 laser therapy have sustained improvement in sexual function two years after treatment completion, suggesting potential long-term benefit.

The MonaLisa Touch is an in-office procedure performed by licensed medical professional. Seamless Beauty in University Place offers this procedure.

The procedure requires no anesthesia. Some patients may experience some discomfort the first time the probe is inserted, but the actual treatment is not painful. Many patients report that it feels like a gentle vibration.

Patients receive three treatments, spaced six weeks apart, which each take less than five minutes to perform.

Most patients feel improvement after the very first treatment, although the procedure calls for three treatments that are generally spaced over an18-week period.

Patients should expect to come back annually for a maintenance treatment.*
*Your doctor will determine with you if follow up treatments are required.

Patients should refrain from sexual activity for 2-7 days. Your doctor will determine a post-procedure regimen that is right for you.

The MonaLisa® Touch is appropriate for any female suffering from issues from a decline in estrogen, as well as those who are experiencing symptoms as a result of a hysterectomy or breast cancer treatments.

Please call us at (253) 336-5868 to discuss costs for this procedure.

Yes, the MonaLisa® Touch therapy is particularly well suited for patients who cannot, or prefer not to receive estrogen therapy.

No processing code has been established therefore there is no insurance reimbursement for the Mona Lisa Touch. However, occasionally HAS/FSA can be used


Male Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Shockwave therapy is a four to six treatment applied to the external penis. Each treatment is spaced one week apart. Please consult Seamless Beauty for more information.

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