Lip Flip / PDO


A neuromodulator medical and beauty treatment to help relax muscles and soften skin to ease the appearance of wrinkles.

Before and After


PDO Threading

1hr | Varies per area

Non-surgical body lifts; not just for the face any more

PDO is a revolutionary advancement in cosmetic surgery. Though the results area not permanent like invasive surgery, neither are the risks. PDO threads the area with a Polydioxanone thread make up to enable the client to experience a subtle lift and stimulate collagen productions. Usually last six to eight weeks and can be repeated. PDO is a fantastic alternative to any filler. With amazing results in the lips.
There are three types of threads that are used depending on the body part.

  • Barbed thread for a more refined lift
  • Twist to add subtle lift and volume
  • Smooth to add subtle lift in volume in smaller areas

When combined with neuromodulators (botox/dysport) this can have an immediate and pleasing result.

This is not just for the face. Many areas of the body can be lifted with PDO threads. These areas include:

  • Breast
  • Arms
  • Chest (men)
  • Abs
  • Butt
  • Legs
  • Area around the knees